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Retail Point Of Sale Solution - infoPOS

The retail sector continues to reinvent itself as it stays current and matches ever-increasing customer demands for efficient services and best prices. Retailers around the world now realize that sustainable competitive advantage will be gained only by a deep understanding of consumer demands and comprehensive supply chain planning and execution workflows. This has raised considerable challenges for the retail merchandising business as retailers strive to achieve cost optimization with the best retail software and processes in place.

InfoPOS, Infodart Retail Point of Sale Solution (POS)- is GST compliant and ready to meet your expectation starting from billing to sale, purchase, inventory&commerce, generate sales report and GST tax file, a one-stop solution to answer your need related to finance & accounting. It is designed to handle all needs of an individual shop or retail chain in an accurate way, as it is easily configurable and scalable according to the requirements of the customers as per their business type. It is an integrated POS software with mainly 3 components: A POS front end, an inventory or stock management system in the middle and a back-office accounting system. The retail POS software is available in 3 variants including Mobile POS, POS register and web store, all integrated into one product.



Central Office Management – Web based application
  • Stores and warehouse transactions are synced at central office for consolidation
  • View reports based on individual or group of stores
  • Assign customer global status by creating promotional centrally
  • Vendor & Employee Management
  • Business Dashboard – Summary of overall business
Master Data Management – Web based application
  • Define Hierarchy levels (classification) for Items, Price, Tax, Vendor, Region & Stores
Security Management
  • Authorization & authentications are created at the granular level for each activity.
  • Role-based users are created with login and password credentials, employees grouped on a functionality basis.
Warehouse Management
  • Generation of GRNs, PO to warehouse, store etc.
  • Return to Vendor (RTV) Facility, allocation to stores, RTW approvals.
  • Powerful Search engine for PO & GRNs, barcode generation
  • Auditing of Stocks, creating schedule, related reports.
Inventory Management
  • Defining of items based on various parameters – High/low value, Trading/Non-trading.
  • Barcode: User defined, auto generation, weights based barcode
  • Allocation of items to various go-downs as per business process
  • Intelligent re-order level management
  • MOU, Serial Number Tracking
  • Inventory Analytics – ageing, issue policy
Order Management
  • Creation of Purchase order from stores, warehouse, central office, indents, Sales order, re-order level
  • Inward verification against purchase order during GRN
  • Management of accounts payable & receivable.
  • Creation of sales orders, Planning of dispatch and delivery against sales order
  • Support for Pick, pack & ship fulfillment
Cash Register
  • Create multiple Cash registers, manage different sessions
  • View cash register-wise cash, card, cheque details, gift vouchers, sodexo etc.
Tender Management
  • Split Tenders – accept two or more payments in single transactions
  • Gift Cards – Create your own gift cards and email /SMS customer
  • Store Credit – Generate credit note from POS which can be utilized for next purchase by customers
  • Partial Payments: flexibility to deposits or layaways
  • Smart paperless bills on phone via SMS/email.
Loyalty & Promotions
  • Creation of Time based discounts, Seasonal offers, combo offers, Schemes & Campaigns
  • Define Loyalty Points based on Items, sales value etc.
Customer Management
  • Provides the history of the customer transaction, loyalty redemptions.
  • Effective communication using SMS /Email Feature
  • Stay connected with customer using loyalty programs
  • Create customer specific promos, Use & track of Promo codes.
  • Store Credit, Layaways
Financial Management
  • Chart of accounts, Auto posting
  • Accounts Receiving/Payable Management
  • Financial Reports Balance sheet, P&L account, Trail Balance
Business Reports
  • Pre-defined reports are available based on business transaction namely - sales, purchase, inventory, stock audit, Customer, Supplier, outstanding etc
  • These reports can easily be downloaded in excel & pdf format for customize analysis.
  • Additionally, we will provide reports you specifically need as per business requirement.
InfoPos Retail Enterprise Suite Architecture

InfoPos Retail Enterprise Suite Architecture


Value Proposition

  • Centralised auditing mechanism to prevent fraud & theft
  • Fast checkout process while keeping transaction secure to ensure queue busting
  • Easy to integrate with existing ERP like SAP, Tally ERP etc.
  • Customer loyalty can be built using customer management module
  • 5 Level of Merchandise Hierarchy at Region/Store level to give promotions
  • Web-enabled architecture to facilitate work from Desktop, Laptop, Tablet & Mobile
  • Requires standard desktop to work
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