Mobile Point of Sale System and Solution - Mobile POS

Mobile POS is an application that runs either on Handheld Barcode Scanning devices or on Android Tablets. The product is used not only as a queue-busting solution to reduce billing time for the customers but also a full-fledged billing application.

Mobile POS works in conjunction with Retail Store Solution where items are scanned/deleted in the transaction and the completed transaction is retrieved on Retail Store Solution. After retrieving the transaction the rendering is completed.

Technical Architecture of Mobile POS

Given below is the technical architecture of Mobile POS:


Mobile POS client interacts with Tomcat server to interact with Oracle POS database to get the item description, price and to save MPOS token information. This interaction has been implemented through web services.

Tomcat server integrates with Oracle POS server to apply the discount rules and to save completed transactions in the database. This interaction has also been implemented through web services.

Functional Specifications

Login of cashiers

Daily operations functionalities related to Register Open, Till Open, Till Close, Till Suspend, Till Resume will be developed in Mobile POS. Rest of the daily operations activities such as Till Reconciliation, Register Close, Store Open, Store Close will be performed in Back Office.

Transaction numbers will be generated and maintained centrally.

Register number and till number will be saved in Oracle POS database while saving the transaction.


Scanning/writing of the item code

This functionality will have all types of barcodes (including weighted bar codes) to be scanned that can be scanned in Oracle POS. The product handles the weight logic as it is implemented for Oracle POS (i.e. configurable barcode logic) and uses the same framework to extract the value.

Item Code, item description, quantity and unit price will be displayed to the user.

Once the user scans the bar code or enters the code manually, the item code, description, quantity and extended price are displayed.


The quantity of the scanned item can be edited.

Price prompt items will be handled.

Line Void is allowed.

Canceled transactions saved for audit purpose.

After completing the transactions the same can be retrieved in oracle POS for tendering and closing the transaction.

Data synchronization between MPOS and ORAPOS (MPOS, BO & CO)

The application will have the functionality to apply all those promotions that get automatically applied in Oracle POS.

Once promotions are applied, the cashier can proceed to tender with Cash or offline credit card only and complete the bill.

Partial tendering by cash and credit card.

Credit Card payment will be added using Plutus or any other payment gateway interface

Receipt printing option is available. Receipt will print in a similar way as currently being done by ORAPOS

Post-void and Reprinting of MPOS receipts will be done in Oracle POS.


Storing of cancelled transaction and sending the same to backend ERP

Storing of line voids as part of the transaction and sending the same to backend ERP

Price change along with a prompt for price override reason selection will be available as a functionality.

Manager override for required functionalities (Line void, cancel the transaction, Price override). These overrides should also be available in the override report

Customer Interface

Provision for customer linking to transaction

Employee discount integration

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