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Revamp your business performance using our Business Intelligence Services

With the growing volume of internal and external organizational data and to capture the true business impact, it’s essential for organization to dig out the right information at the right time and to share it with the right people, so as to have proper strategic and operational decisions in place.

Since big data is bringing a revolution in the industry, it’s creating more pressure at the CXO level to have proper Business Intelligence processes in place to exploit new growth opportunities, efficiencies, differentiation and innovation. Market research firm IDC expects big data technology and services to grow at a rate seven times the growth rate in the information and communication technologies market overall, from a scant $6 million in 2011 to more than $23 billion by 2016.So,it becomes more important to harness only the relevant data to derive insights using Business Intelligence (BI) for maximum business impact.

To address the growing pile of organizational data and the ability to leverage it effectively in less time and with more certainty, we provide Business Intelligence services to help your enterprise get agile, adaptable and efficient. Our aim is to improve business insights by providing data values for better, faster strategic and operational decisions.

Using well defined business intelligence methodology, our Business Intelligence consultants can help your company revitalize your existing capability to achieve the blend of function, agility and cost required to support your business operations.

Our Business Intelligence Services includes:

  • Datawarehouse (DW) and Business Intelligence Consulting
    • DW/BI Roadmap
    • Technology Evaluation
    • DW/BI Health Assessment
    • DW/BI Readiness Assessment
    • Key performance Indicator (KPI) Analysis & Mapping
  • Enterprise Data Architecture
    • BI/DW Architecture
    • Data Modeling
  • DW Portfolio Analysis
  • Master Data Management (MDM)
  • Business Intelligence and Analytics
  • Enterprise Data Quality Assessment (DQA)
  • Corporate Performance Management (CPM)
    • Strategy Mapping and Scorecard

At Infodart, we use below Business Intelligence analysis tools to deliver true values to different clients:

  • SAP BI/BO: We are known in the market for its extensive experience and quality delivery for both on–premise and on cloud in the field of Analytics like BOBJ for HANA live sidecar, BI on cloud, management dashboard on mobile which help customer to increase the value of the ERP.
  • Oracle Business Intelligence Publisher: Using this tool, we use to develop reports related to financial sales, purchase and return related to an item, merchandise, customer, department summary etc.
  • Retail Analytics: Using our business intelligence strategy, we deliver comprehensive retail analytics that address all your essential retail business functions, namely Marketing, merchandising, operations, supply chain, finance etc.

System Integration System Integration System Integration

Our Business intelligence consultants are capable of delivering below value propositions:

Business Drivers

Infodart Enables You to

1. Accelerate BI deployment time and reduce IT costs

  • Reduce time needed to define user requirements, analyze source systems, design data models, ETL code writing, and build reports by leveraging pre-built maps, models, and Metrics
  • Streamline on going system administration and change management

2. Align decision making across all parts of the organization

  • Perform cross-functional analysis to understand cause and effect relationships between key performance indicators(KPI) across different departments
  • Make strategic decisions based on consistent definitions, views, metrics, and calculations

3. Conserve cash and improve cash flow

  • Highlight pending receipts and disbursements to reduce the amount and maturity of revolving credit required
  • Identify late payers more quickly to target for more aggressive collections
  • Identify vendors who could be paid more slowly without harming operations

4. Increase customer profitability, satisfaction, and loyalty

  • Identify profitable and unprofitable products, promotions, sales channels, and customers
  • Identify loss leaders that drive sales of other, more profitable products
  • Understand the efficacy of marketing campaigns, promotions, and loyalty programs
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